Wednesday 17 June 2015



Organisers Derek and Julie Millington show 'em how it's done at the FAB Festival
Over the years the Middlewich FAB Festival has always provided a wide range of entertainment above and beyond what is normally found at traditional folk festivals; the aim being to cater for the general public and those not necessarily too interested in the folk world.
The Middlewich Rock 'n' Roll Dancers are a case in point. They're hugely popular with the crowds, and rightly so.
They present their version of authentic 1950s Rock 'n' Roll with enthusiasm and style and they always look immaculate in period dress. -Ed (from the Middlewich Diary, 2013)

Derek and Julie Millington write:

Once again,  and for the 14th consecutive year, we are  organising the Rock'n'Roll dancing at the Middlewich FAB Festival.

Watch out for us on Sunday 21st June.

There will be dancers from many parts of the surrounding areas including the Potteries, Manchester, Wilmslow, Chester, North Wales and Liverpool as well as  local dancers from  Middlewich, Sandbach, Crewe and other towns and villages in the area.

The dancers will be dressed in their colourful 1950's Rock 'n' Roll costumes  and will be dancing to authentic 1950's and 60's Rock'n'Roll music and bringing you an impressive display of design, colour and movement.

Outside dance music will provided by our very own Jiving Jim's'  mobile disco.

We will be dancing on the Kinderton House Hotel front car park from  12 noon  until approximately 12.40.p.m., after which we'll move on to the Amphitheatre,   where we'll dance from 1.00.p.m. until 2.00.p.m.

After that we'll be back at the Kinderton House Hotel, where dancing will continue to the group Night Flight.

We look forward to a great afternoon's dancing and a good audience. See you there!

'Just let me hear some of that Rock and Roll music...

'...any old way you choose it....'

.....gotta be Rock and Roll Music....

'...if you wanna dance with me!'
Photographs taken at the 2009 and 2010 FAB Festivals by CLIFF ASTLES

Rock 'n' Roll with style at the 2011 FAB Festival

One of our special M-FAB25 commemorative Mastheads, featuring six rock 'n' roll ladies and one rock 'n' roll gent!

Tuesday 9 June 2015


Illustration: Middlewich Town Council

Cheshire people will not need to be told that they live in a very photogenic county. This part of the world has everything, from beautiful pasture land to rugged hill country (don't forget that a lot of the Peak District actually falls within our boundaries). We have more than our fair share of historic and picturesque buildings, such as the unique Moreton Old Hall. And added to all this is the legacy of our industrial past, particularly around the salt towns in the centre of the county.
The annual photographic competition, organised by Middlewich Town Council in association with Jugglers Management Accounting Services, is a chance for the county's photographers, professional and amateur, to capture the beauty and heritage of Cheshire for posterity, to win prizes and to see their work exhibited at the Middlewich FAB Festival. More details are available from MTC's Heritage Officer, Kerry Fletcher (link below)

Sunday 7 June 2015


by Dave Roberts

Middlewich has taken its annual Rose Fete to its heart in recent years. The event, held on the Saturday of the FAB Festival weekend every June, was rescued by an enthusiastic and highly professional committee of local people a few years ago when it looked likely that it would fold. The Rose Fete is a strong and growing part of the 'local' element of the FAB Festival that the festival is moving away from its 'strictly folk' policy and embracing music and events of all kinds to become more of a community event, the Rose Fete has come into its own.
The event is a chance for children of all ages to take part in a unique local occasion paying homage to the past and making memories for the future.
The Middlewich Rose Fete has its roots in Cheshire's tradition of rose queens, dairy queens, salt queens, carnivals, village fetes, Whit Sunday processions and many more town and village celebrations including, of course, the more recent festivals of which the Folk & Boat Festival was one of the first a quarter of a century ago.
The Rose Fete is anxious to preserve its own history as well as the history of some of those other traditional local events, and we're delighted to be able to pass on this message from the organisers:

Michelle Game writes:
Hi Everyone,
It's not long now until  the Rose Fete and I am hoping that you can all help.
I am trying to create a display in the Rose Fete Marquee this year (and for future years) of past Rose Fetes, and I need pictures, newspaper clippings, and a few other bits.
I know we have already started a fantastic collection on the Rose Fete's Facebook page (link below), which I will also use, but I would like more.
So here's what I need:
Copies of pictures of:  past parades, crowning ceremonies, queens and retinues with information on the year, and the people in the picture.
Copies of newspaper cuttings of:  past parades, crowning ceremonies, queens and retinues with the year, and details of who is in the picture.
If anyone has scrap books, tiaras/crowns, trophies, cloaks etc.that they will be willing to loan us for the weekend, I'd be grateful if you could write on a piece of paper who it belongs to, their role and the year.
We also want pictures etc from the Carnivals and other  Middlewich events before the Rose Fete became established as an event in its own right.
You can either post the pictures on the 

with their details or email me at:
If you have scrap books etc that will need collecting again either email me or txt/call: 07800 50 35 79 and we'll sort out collection.
Thank you everyone for your help and I look forward to seeing your fantastic pictures and items!