Sunday 5 April 2020



A nostalgic look at Middlewich's salt town days in old photos,
with musical accompaniment by Iris Dement.
A Salt Town Production

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YouTube Feedback:

Debs Johnson That was lovely!

Patrick Collins That's brilliant, Dave!

Pauline Butler Wow! That was an amazing watch! So many memories of old Middlewich - well done, Dave!

Catherine Wilson Aww...Really enjoyed watching that.

Celia Burt Memories! You can't beat them! Lovely song!

Philip Stephen Appleton Well worth watching...

Sarah Burrows That is brilliant. I really enjoyed it x

Lorraine Yearsley Wonderful! The sun won't set on Middlewich while we have Dave Roberts to keep it alive!

Susan Johnson Brilliant and well done, Dave!

Angela Healey Fab walk down memory lane!

Helen Beardmore Brilliant! Thanks! xx

Chris Thornton I don't come from this town, but I found it very enjoyable.

Barbara Cooper My Auntie Annie used to live in the middle cottage, and I slept over quite a few times with her when I was a little girl. Happy memories!

Gemma Louise Barthorpe Lovely.

Ann Appleton Yes, I can remember parts from when I was little.

Gillian Willox That was great - thank you!

Andrew Bebbington  Thank you!

Nicola Such What a great video. Some fabulous memories of Middlewich xxx

Mark Concar That's great. Well done Dave.

Fiona Boote Well, that's really brought a tear to my eyes. How you forget! I remember watching those chimneys fall. So very well put together, and I loved the song! very well done! x

Elizabeth Moreton Absolutely brilliant! Brought a tear to my eye. So many lovely memories. Thank you, Dave.

Lorraine Yearsley Great photos, great production, but English folk music would have been more to my taste.

Dave Roberts Mine too. But My Town sums up exactly what I had in mind for this video so well that there was no real alternative - at least, not one that I could find.
When I come across a song by an English group which expresses that yearning for the past, that sense of loss, and that intangible feeling that this town, however imperfect it may have been, was, at least Our Town; when I find a song that can recapture that lost (and quite possibly illusory) feeling of 'belonging' to a town half so well as Iris Dement's song does, I'll remake the video with an alternative soundtrack. Until then, though, I don't think this can be bettered.

Lorraine Yearsley Still a lovely memoir of Middlewich. Thanks!

Originally published 23rd August 2015
Re-published (with additional feedback) 23rd August 2016
Re-published 5th April 2020

Editor's note:

This was originally published in 2015, apropos of nothing in particular.

During the Covid-19 crisis in 2020 we felt it was appropriate to re-publish it along with the following Facebook message:

At times like these we want to feel close to home, and to cherish the familiar and the commonplace. And that, believe you me, is all this humble video is about.The last time we published this homage to our own little town's past we were astonished to receive a very grumpy message from someone who said he 'didn't agree with the sentiments'. There's nothing to agree with or disagree with. All we're doing is remembering how Middlewich used to be, within living memory for many of us. If you're a long standing Middlewicher (or Middlewichian, if you're posh) we hope you'll once again enjoy this trip into our past. if you're a relative newcomer, we hope you'll gain a little insight into just why some of us find the place so fascinating. Take care, everyone. - Ed.


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