Friday 3 November 2017


Photo: Carole Hughes Collection
Here's one of the superb songs about the Middlewich salt industry written by Andy Roscoe for Tales Of Wych & Water, a CD containing reminiscences from people working in Middlewich's traditional open pan salt industry and the canals which served it.

Love Among The Salt packets is the story of a young girl, Betty Hill, who found romance while working among the dust, noise and confusion of the packing room at a local salt works.

Tales Of Wych & Water was commissioned by Kerry Kirwan (nee Fletcher)  the Town Council's Heritage Officer  and was compiled by Salt Town Productions from recordings made by Kerry and others, together with songs and music written and performed by Andy, Dave Thompson and Craig Moores.

This particular version of the song was recorded by Salt Town Productions at a live performance at the Boar's Head in 2013, so apologies for the slightly ropey sound quality. It's the audio equivalent of what a photographer would call a 'grab shot'.

The song features Andy Roscoe (main vocals/guitar), Dave Thompson (backing vocals/guitar) and Craig Moores (harmonica).

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Song © Andy Roscoe 2009
Recording © Salt Town Productions 2017

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