Thursday 30 November 2017


by Dave Roberts

For Christmas 2017 there can only ever have been one subject for our masthead - the excellent display of Christmas lights and the quite exceptional Christmas tree in the town centre, captured here  by Ken Rane in a photo used with his permission.

There was some criticism of the lights last year and hopes were high that the situation would be remedied this year.

Those hopes were realised (and then some), and we were treated to Christmas lights and a tree that any town, big or small, would be proud of.

The light switch-on, combined with one of the best Christmas markets in the area, was also very well organised and did us proud.

You can find out more about the switch-on here, and in our archived Mexon Market diary entry here.

Photo: Ken Rane

Ken's photograph sums up the Middlewich at Christmas scene very well indeed. Despite the ever-present (and unavoidable) modern traffic in the town centre, this photo still manages to convey something of our town centre's Victorian heritage. 

The shops on the right still have their 19th Century frontages more or less intact, and that lantern  outside  the White Bear on the left adds to the atmosphere.

As for the Christmas tree, the lights are the best we've seen in years, and the 'baubles' in the trees in St Michael's churchyard are a pleasing addition.

Merry Christmas Middlewich!

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