Saturday 18 November 2017


by Dave Roberts

I always have to chuckle whenever I look at this video of members of  Lindisfarne performing one of their greatest hits at the 25th Middlewich FAB Festival back in 2015.

The members of the band  are showing their age -  aren't we all? - but the the music sounds as good as ever, and this classic folk-rock band still has a goodly amount of 'street cred', particularly among those of us who are past the first flush of youth.

But what always makes me laugh is that 'Middlewich FAB 25' logo which floats onto the screen at the start of the video.

Those who follow these things, and surely there must be a few FAB obsessives about, will realise that it's not an 'official' MFAB design, but a typical cobbled together Middlewich Diary creation.

It's before the days of stock photos of girls in sunglasses and people being exhorted to 'come to their senses' at Middlewich (which, to me, always had all the makings of a classic 'contradiction in terms').

With  2015 being the long-awaited 25th anniversary of the festival, I was anxious to start publicising it  as soon as possible.
I looked around for an official 'Middlewich 25' logo but could find nothing.

So in traditional Middlewich Diary make do and mend style, I cobbled together my own logo, using the festival's then current logo and a bit of lettering.

All done, fact fans, with Page Plus 10 and Professor Franklin's Magic Photo Effects - both venerable, not to say almost obsolete, bits of computer software from many years ago. The whole thing took me about ten minutes to put together.

When the festival's own FAB 25 logo appeared it was a lot more professional looking and we used it on the Middlewich Diary very enthusiastically. Well, that's a bit of an understatement, really...

So it came as a bit of surprise when, after the festival, Lindisfarne issued this video featuring our hastily assembled 'temporary' FAB 25 logo, obviously gleaned from a quick Google search.

Fame at last!

Enjoy the video!

Lindisfarne at FAB 25

(YouTube link)

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