Monday 20 November 2017


Another wartime bill from the collection of Carole Hughes, this time from the celebrated 'practical tailors, clothiers and outfitters', Joseph Powell & Sons Ltd.
Sadly we will never know what exactly Mrs Annie Sant bought from Powell's all those years ago, as the bill simply says 'To balance of account'.

Powell's Tailors, or at least the retail side of the business, survived until quite recent years. As well as providing high quality men's clothing, they also hired out dinner suits and wedding outfits for many a posh Middlewich occasion.

The last time I had dealings with them was in the 1990s when I hired a dinner suit in order to 'represent' the Middlewich Folk & Boat Festival at the Borough Mayor's Ball in Alsager. This was the first  time I had ever attended such a function, and will, in all likelihood, be the last.

For a time in the early 2000s Powell's shop was occupied by Eric Alcock Electrical, but as at the 20th November 2017 remained empty. There have been signs of  a potential revival of at least part of the premises, but it is unclear what's happening with the rest of the shop.

The firm's clothing factory at the rear, which was accessed from Pepper Street, was swept away many years ago, its site  now forming part of a new housing development fronting onto St Michael's Way.

E-mail feed back:

Following the publication of this posting we received the following e-mail from Mr Peter Lindop:

I was interested to see the bill and receipt on Joseph Powell & Sons bill head. Joseph Powell was my great grandfather; his daughter Elizabeth Ann Powell married my grandfather Thomas Lindop and after they married they went to live in Northwich.
I remember as a child going to Middlewich on several occasions, visiting the family there and walking around the factory.
My great uncle, Walter Powell, was one of the sons on the bill head, and he used to play euphonium in the Middlewich Silver Prize Band. When I was there I used to hear them practice in the factory. I have a smokers cabinet that was presented to Joseph Powell by his employees in January 1926.
Peter Lindop

First published 18th November 2011
Updated and re-published 20th November 2017

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  1. I was very interested in this post as my grandfather Jack Healey was the clerk at Powell's and it is likely that this bill would have been prepared and signed by him. I remember as a child sometimes going to meet him at the factory which was behind the shop.


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