Wednesday 4 March 2015


St Mary's School circa 1950
We're grateful to our King Street correspondent Bill Eaton for this photo of a class at St Mary's School in New King Street halfway through the last century.
Bill tells us that this historic picture contains two of our regular Middlewich Diary correspondents, Geraldine Williams and Maureen Condra.
Bill estimates the date of this photo as around '1950' and we're, as always, open to correction on that. We'd also like to pinpoint Geraldine and Maureen and put names to other faces in the picture.

Facebook Feedback:

Not surprisingly, this memento of schooldays long ago brought an immediate response. Also not surprisingly our first correspondents were Maureen Condra and Geraldine Williams - Ed.

Maureen I am on the second row, 2nd from the right, with the white ribbon in my hair. Some of the other pupils are Margaret Pace, Mary Glenn, John Maddock and Tony Duffy.

Dave Roberts Thanks Maureen!

Geraldine I'm the tallest one on the back row with Deirdre Costello* to the left of me. It's a brill pic and lots of other names come flooding back - Parry, Maddock, Johnson, Lambert, Fahey, Cannon, Duffy. This is the last school photo before deidre and I were siphoned off to attend Sir John Deane's Grammar School, Northwich.

Dave Roberts Wot! No Houghs, Hattons or Gillets?

Maureen Condra No. They all went to Council School.

*Later to become a professional actress - Ed

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