Tuesday 14 May 2019


Here's an intriguing Middlewich riddle from Harry Random (a pseudonym). It's one of those questions which might be answered almost immediately, or, then again, it might keep everyone guessing for a while. For what it's worth, I didn't get it. I didn't even come close. We've decided that if no one gets it in the near future, we'll give you the answer at the end of this month.

 UPDATE: We've decided that it would be a bit unfair to make everyone wait so long, so we're giving you the answer on Wednesday (15th May). You can give us your answers on any of our Facebook groups, or any of the groups we post links to, or you can answer in the form of a comment here on the Middlewich Diary -Ed.

Here's the riddle, in 'Harry's' own words:

Six inches can make a lot of difference, but it seems that since 1971 something in Middlewich seems to have officially reduced in size without some visitors and many residents even noticing.

UPDATE (14th May). Here's the clue which 'Harry' sent. It enabled your editor to get somewhere near, but by no means there...

'It's very important, very topical and everyone in Middlewich has seen it and knows what it is'.

Can you guess what the answer is?


First published 13th May 2019
Updated 14th May 2019


  1. Is it the height of the bridge clearance under the aqueduct?

  2. I'm guessing a boundary, that follows the path of a river, that due erosion has decreased. 6 inches seems reasonable in that time, but then, I wouldn't think anybody would notice. It's Darren Roberts by the way.

  3. The height to the church flag staff?

  4. First guess is the River Cocoa water level.

  5. The 1971 census could have been on 6 inches of paper but now it's electronic? Darren Roberts again.

  6. Wardle Lock?

  7. That’s interesting 😊 thanks for posting


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