Monday 21 August 2023



Photo courtesy of MARJORIE PACE

In August 2023 Marjorie Pace posted this photo on our Middlewich Diary Community Page, under the title of 'Freemasons', pointing out that one of the people featured is her Grandad, Frank Cliffe (third from left).

But who are the others? Does anyone recognise anyone else?.

Our only contribution can be to point out just where the photo was taken.

They're in Lewin Street, in what was called 'Victoria Square' at one time - the space in front of the Victoria Building (Middlewich Town Hall). That's the distinctive 'tower' of the Wesleyan Methodist  Church in the right background. Left background is the now empty shop that was originally a branch of the Co-op and has also been, among other things, a laundrette, a Land-Rover agency, Stott's Chemist (later Mistry's Pharmacy) and was last used as Middlewich Post Office.

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