Friday 21 July 2017


by Dave Roberts

We're back in Middlewich Town Centre in 1974. The black & white building to the right is The White Bear and framed in its ornate gateway is Luther Walton's shop, which I remember as a mixture of high-class confectioner and travel agent. Next door, to the left, was Reg Taylor's Newsagents and next to that Samuel's Ironmongers, with Skellern's shoe shop on the corner of Wheelock Street and Dierden's Terrace completing the row. Walton's has now become the 'Kandi' Bar*, and for most of the 80s it was, as Colin Derek Appleton reminded us, Tempter's Wine Bar, referred to by social climbing Middlewich newbies as 'The Wine Bar In The Village', thus making it the inspiration for a poem about old and new Middlewich which will probably find its way here before too long.. Does anyone remember any other uses the building had between then and now?

* Update: In early 2012 the Kandi Bar was transformed once more and became 'Chimichango's Mexican Restaurant'.

First published on Facebook.

Original Facebook feedback:

Natalie Sant
Then it was shops and a cafe, about six years ago.

Colin Derek Appleton
I think the shops and cafe were in what was Reg Taylor's old newsagents?

Geraldine Williams
Luther Walton's brother used to run a sweet shop higher up Wheelock Street (wool shop area) and in the days of rationing my family used to pool its sweet coupons and spend them at that shop for a once-monthly binge. Luther's was also an ice-cream parlour at one time.

Dave Roberts
Yes, the shops and cafe were at Reg Taylor's, next door. It was called Middlewich In Shops and the cafe was at the back. A very pleasant spot, but short-lived. It was later incorporated into the Kandi Bar premises as the Choklat Bar. Luther Walton was ahead of his time with his travel business where you could buy brain and coach tickets.

Ian Bailey And ex juke box records!

Melanie Edwards
Don't forget Cafe Bar M 2002-2007

Update (July 2017)

By 2017 Luther Walton's had become CHIMICHANGO'S MEXICAN RESTAURANT

and Reg Taylor's Newsagent MAGGIE FINN'S TEA-ROOM

Originally published 2012
Revised and re-published 21st July 2017
Reformatted and re-published 24th April 2020

Chimichango's (photo Bill Armsden)

The Choklat Bar (photo Bill Armsden)

First published on Facebook 3rd May 2011

First published in The Middlewich Diary 21st July 2011

Revised and re-published 21st July 2017


  1. I remember Luther Walton's shop from the 1950's as a tobacconist and sweet shop - towards the end of the 1960's I seem to remember he ventured into travel agency on a smaller scale. Christmas in Luther's shop was just like the Werthers Original ad on the television - it was a child's wonderland with his sugar mice and christmas novelties - I spent hours in there! Fond memories.

  2. I remember Walton's. He had a daughter called Linda who I was hopelessly in love with - this must have been in the very early 60s - whatever happened to her I wonder? Does anyone know? And Taylor's next door was where I got the papers every sunday morning

  3. I remember this place - and Taylors. Whatever happened to Luther's lovely daughter Linda? I had a great crush on her more than 50 years ago! Richard Denton

  4. I am much disappointed that no one has responded to my plea for info about LINDA! Ah well. Young love eh?


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