Sunday 2 June 2013


Photo courtesy of ANDREA DUFFY
First published on the 15th December 2011 and republished on 2nd June 2013, the 60th anniversary of the Coronation
A souvenir from the heady days of the early 1950s, and in particular the day the Queen came to the throne. The people of The Green, Cledford, young and old, all want to be in the photo. Do you recognise any of them? Are you one of them? We'd  be delighted to hear from you. Let's see if we can name as many people as possible for posterity. Of course, many of the people pictured here will actually be from Chadwick Road. Also getting into the picture on the right is a house which should by now, if everything had gone according to plan. be just a memory. But the pre-fabs of Middlewich live on, looking better than ever. They were supposed to be temporary structures, mass-produced to help overcome the country's chronic housing shortage, but were in fact so well built that many of them still survive all over the country.
And those houses in the background can be nowhere else than in Warmingham Lane, near its junction with Cross Lane.
If you'd like to share this photo with friends and relations (and, we hope, help us in putting names to faces) you can download it by right-clicking anywhere on the photo. This will, in most web-browsers, bring up an option to 'save image as...' or something similar.  You can then save the picture and print it. If you do share it, please tell everyone you found it on 'The Middlewich Diary'. Thank you.


Facebook feedback:

(JUNE 2013)
Robert Sheckleston The lady at the front with glasses is Mrs Hagen. I used to live across the road from her in Chadwick Road, and I also knew her husband who worked at RHM and her brother who worked there as well.

    • Rose Hamlett My nanna is on the photo, Margaret Siddall, she's just above the ER symbol.

    • Dave Roberts Thanks Rose.

    • Rose Hamlett It was nice to see it. I have got a photocopy of it that someone did for me.

    • Dave Roberts I can see the family resemblance. Does anyone know any of the others? I know one of them is Tom Duffy, Andrea's Dad.

    • Andrea Astles My family still live on The Green, not sure they were there in '53. Will check though.

    • Kerry-leigh Pitcher The lady in the white blouse with the wrist watch is my Nanna, Winnie Brown, who lived at number 7 Chadwick Road, and the lady with her arm on my Nan's shoulder is Mrs Haggan who lived next door !

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  1. My nans on the right with my dad. Peggy flynn and a 3yr opd thomas flynn.


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