Friday 6 June 2014



FAB Festival Fringe events
Saturday 14th June
(notes by Dave Thompson)

10am Narrowboat
Musicians Always Welcome
Early start- in the lounge bar or terraced beer garden

10am Newton Brewery
Middlewich Round Table invite all-comers to play their life-size table football in the beer garden!

12 Noon Big Lock
Musicians Always Welcome
Wonderful canal-side setting or indoors close to the real ale…

1pm  Big Lock
Sons of Clogger + Sheena
Stoke finally releases the famous sons to Middlewich! It's been a long time coming but are here at last. Good music and good fun- welcome gents Local singer/songwriter Sheena Bratt on a short visit this year- great covers to sing along to

1pm  Cheshire Cheese
 Musicians Always Welcome

1pm  Kings Lock (canal-side stage)
 Barrelhouse Jukes + Simply Soweto Encha
'the Jukes' trio are seasoned musicians playing blues/country/folk and always go down a storm at this festival. Simply Soweto Encha provide a unique contrast with their cool township-jive-dance and close harmonies- fabulous!

1pm Kings Lock (concert marquee)
Singer/songwriter showcase
a chance for singers/musicians to promote their talent, each afternoon. Sign-up at the venue for your chance to perform.

1pm Middlewich Narrowboats
The Pluckers
A brief visit last year and back again playing a full set which includes Simon & Garfunkel songs, and more that you will know and join-in with

1pm White Bear- (Courtyard) 
Clutching Straws + Bear Minimum
'The straws' play wonderful music- it really is that simple! New-folk is at the forefront of their music but it's their personality that wins most. Bear Minimum- is no reflection on their talents or their intention to do as little as possible! Borne quite literally from the White Bear they will have LOTS of local support for this, their festival debut

1pm White Horse
Kathryn Wheel
Hard working trio kick-off the afternoon at the White Horse with popular covers of rock/pop classics, and much more besides

2pm  Boars Head (lounge)
The Hayes Sisters
All the way from Stockport, local press describes them as "..the close harmony singing of celestial folk angels- the nymph choristers from Heaven..� we will see soon enough! Welcome back to the Hayes Sisters!

 2pm  Narrowboat
OPEN MIKE with hosts Lesley Radford & Anthony West
The venue (and hosts) stage a great open mike night on the 2nd Thursday every month and you can be sure this will be a very busy afternoon of great live music- sign up early for a spot?

2pm White Horse
Music session in the bar. All welcome

3pm  Middlewich Narrowboats 
Open Mike Drop-in
Musicians and singers -  why not call in and sing us a song?

 3pm Kings Lock (canal-side stage)
 'Theatre & Dance'
 familiar (and not so familiar) entertainment on the canal-side, with Morris dancers and special guests, Jaipur Kawa Brass Band from India

4pm Cheshire Cheese
Pop-rock covers quartet return to bring the Cheshire Cheese beer garden to life!

5pm Boars Head (lounge)
 Session with Allan y Fan + NE3Folk
A grand session in prospect, hosted by top musicians- fresh from the earlier Celtic Connections concert in the Town Hall Musicians most welcome at the session venue

5.30pm Narrowboat
 Hayley Strangelove
never fails to deliver. Audiences enjoy her straight forward/up front performances of great songs and stories, all sung with power and gusto

7pm Big Lock
The Driving Force + Simply Soweto Encha
The Driving Force - Folk-rock from Manchester! They play a unique programme of popular covers- from the Who to Richard Thompson, all with equal relish! 
 Simply Soweto Encha again display a simple yet effective contrast with their breath-taking harmonies and performance

7pm Kings Lock (canal-side stage)
Acoustak + Hayes Sisters
Two trios providing great live music. With the venue now under new ownership, providing more great choice at the festival- and a FULL weekend of live music!

7pm Kings Lock (concert marquee)
Rita Payne + Ivan Campo
Excellent duo Rita Payne sing close harmonies to great effect, here on their festival debut. Likewise Ivan Campo are new to Middlewich- enjoy  quirky, original songs by three lads from Manchester

7pm White Bear- (Courtyard)
The Chaplins + Shamus Oblivion
Award-winning Chaplins from Glasgow on their festival debut after winning this year's Danny Kyle Award at Celtic Connections for best newcomers- see/hear for yourself. 'sublime, love this trio' Shamus Oblivion- sure to bring everyone back down to earth with their good-time Celtic Rock- and just before the football…

8pm Boars Head- (lounge)
Acoustic Session
For those who prefer to play, or simply to get away from the amplified gigs on the fringe… Likely to spill-out into the dining room, and beer garden

8pm Cheshire Cheese
Sons of Clogger
Stoke releases the famous sons (again) to Middlewich. Good music and good fun at the Cheshire Cheese beer garden

8pm Middlewich Narrowboats
Great to see them going strong and back at Middlewich! Joyous music for all ages- will they play the famous 'Match of the Day' theme, tonight of all nights?

8pm Newton Brewery
Clutching at Straws
Exactly 12months ago (to the hour) 'The Straws' played here and it's easy to see/hear why they are back, with their catchy tunes and covers by Mumford & Sons and many more. Welcome back gents!

8pm White Horse
 Mystery Irish Band
No that's not their name, we just don't know much about them! Except that they come from Wigan and they look forward to making their festival debut tonight*

*The Middlewich Diary can exclusively reveal that the 'Mystery Irish Band' are called - we kid you not - The Stupid Idiots
(Dave Roberts - Ed)

8pm White Bear- (festival club) 
Galleon Blast with Mark Radcliffe
Shiver me timbers he's back! A rum looking bunch that's for sure, expect a more rowdy set this time around, with old favourites and ditties you've never heard before. A fun night, as always- 'more Jack Duckworth than Jack Sparrow'… Note admission charge- tickets from the venue/limited capacity.

8pm Narrowboat
Baxter featuring Hayley Strangelove
plus Son of Shinobi frontman, Paul Sensor Easy to predict this will be a fun night with great music and cosy atmosphere. PLUS musicians are (always) welcome to play in the terraced beer garden.


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