Thursday 2 April 2015



Once again the Middlewich Rose Fete brightens up the Saturday afternoon of the Middlewich FAB Festival Weekend bringing a touch of local Cheshire tradition to the proceedings and giving its participants a chance to shine, in many cases for the first time in their young lives. More details will appear here as the great day approaches.
The Collin School for dance will once again be taking part in the festivities. Here's a link to their website which has some details of the Rose Fete and Festival procession :

Photo: The Collin School Of Dance/Michelle Game. With thanks to Theresa Kay.
When we asked for permission to use this photo we had to ask if it was actually taken in Middlewich, as the background, though vaguely familiar, was rather puzzling. In the end we twigged it. That's a tiny bit of Brooks & Bostocks shop sign in the top left hand corner. Next is the St Luke's Hospice Shop and a solicitor's office. The white building to the right is the former Jan's Cafe. In other words, we're at the 'toppender' Wheelock Street and the photographer has managed to fool us by cutting off most of  the shop signs. Whether this is by accident or design is not clear. The photo shows members of the Collin School For Dance at the 2013 FAB Festival with some members opting for the much-admired 'Wellies' look

The Middlewich Diary has been helping to publicise the Rose Fete since 2012.

Here are links to our Diary entries on the last three years;

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Middlewich Rose Fete 2011

Facebook Feedback

Simon McGrory: I was involved with the Rose Fete some years ago when it was resurrected. Great to see there is still the enthusiasm for keeping it going. Great stuff.

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