Monday 30 May 2016


EDITOR'S NOTE: This wonderful animation, which we first featured in August 2015, recently came to mind, and I decided to re-publish it in the run-up to the 2016 FAB Festival.  Firstly  because it's a great piece of work in its own right and a brilliant example of the way that creative people in Middlewich are picking up on the multifarious  happenings in the town and reflecting them back to be enjoyed by both inhabitants and visitors, as well as those poor, exiled Middlewichians who can no longer experience Middlewichness first hand.
Secondly because it reminds me of the last great skirmish I had with an unrepentant, unreconstructed, dyed-in-the-wool Keep Middlewich Miserable Campaign member. I'm itching to name him, but it wouldn't be fair because my first action, after telling him briefly what I thought of his views and what he should do with them, was to block him finally and irrevocably on Facebook - my invariable policy when people are rude. Because, as Sybil Fawlty once memorably said, there is NO excuse for rudeness. And there isn't. Ever.
It's been well said by many that you wouldn't accept people being rude to your face, so why would you accept it on Facebook?
Basically this KMMC member accused me of being 'obsessed with Middlewich'. 
He had, it seemed, been monitoring my activities on the Middlewich Diary and on Facebook (which was nice, if a bit creepy, of him) and he had, finally, had more than he could stand.
'Everybody' knew, he said, that Middlewich was 'finished' and what had once been 'a lovely little town' was now an ugly and depressing place. He wondered why I 'couldn't see it' and offered to 'argue the toss' with me on this point.
This, I had to tell him, certainly wasn't happening, on the oft-cited grounds that there's 'no good knocking when there's nobody there' and I wasn't going to waste any of my (to me) valuable time.
And to accuse someone who runs a website called 'the Middlewich Diary' of being 'obsessed' with the town mentioned in the title, seemed to me odd to say the least.
But doesn't it some as a bit of a shock to have someone tell you that Middlewich, formerly a 'lovely little town' is now 'ugly and depressing', when it is surely obvious to anyone with the slightest glimmer of intelligence that the truth is exactly the other way round?
So my correspondent was consigned to the Facebook rubbish bin, along with 'Sam Dean' (not 'her' real name, by the way) and all the other obnoxious and deluded bores which, unfortunately, Facebook throws up from time to time.
But take another look at 'The Community Assembles', listen to that great music from Messrs Murfitt and Thompson, and rejoice in the fact that Middlewich, despite all its shortcomings and problems, is the lively and fascinating place we know and love today - Dave Roberts, Editor.

Once again Melody Smith Animation was at hand at this year's FAB Festival to help locals and visitors alike produce an animated Festival Souvenir like no other.
Look out for some familiar places and some familiar faces, including our Town Crier Devlin Hobson and his wife Jenny who, we're told, in common with other participants,'animated themselves'!

Find out all about MELODY SMITH ANIMATION here:

Watch the video here...

or on


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