Friday 6 July 2012




(This diary entry, announcing the closure of the Mococo Cafe facility has been left unaltered as a historical record - Ed)

It has been announced that the Mococo cafe in Wheelock Street will close on the 25th July.

Here's the full text of a statement from Middlewich Community Church.

After a strategic review of the life and ministry of MCC it is with some sadness that we find ourselves closing Mococo. 
In the present economic climate we have decided to concentrate all our youth and community work at our Brooks Lane facility.. All of the community Groups currently hosted / operated by MCC at Mococo (youth work, knit and natter, IT training, craft classes) will move up to the church complex over the summer months. This facility has more space and better parking, and brings all our work under one roof. For the time being the CAB (not a ministry of MCC) will still operate at Mococo on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Unfortunately the coffee shop in its present shape cannot be accommodated on Brooks lane at this time. We appreciate that our loyal customers ( young and old) will really miss Mococo. We wish to take this opportunity to thank the community for the privilege of serving them as MoCoCo (and previously Microchips) over the last 11 years. I also wish to thank our loyal staff: Amanda, Richard (Chocky), Jude and George who have provided our customers with far more than just food and coffee. We have helped the homeless find accommodation, prayed for people in times of need and distress, cried with them, laughed with them, counselled them and helped many people on their spiritual journey. It has been a privilege. 

I know all the mums and children who use the coffee shop as a meeting place are saddened at this news and will really miss our facilities. Can I encourage them to visit MCC where they will find a warm welcome at our various community and toddler groups, art classes, craft days, kids and carers days, fun days and IT training centre. We will be developing new groups that will cater for the whole family and our coffee machines will be moving too to serve all our various groups and conference guests. Watch this space for summer activities at MCC. 

With regards to the future use of the MoCoCo building it is our intension to seek planning permission to convert the building into starter flats for young people. Over the years our youth centre has helped young adults, especially the vulnerable, needy and carer leavers find accommodation. We hope to be able to provide six or seven flats within the building for local young people along side practical support and guidance that will help transition our clients into adult life.

As you may already know MCC own  a large field (9.5 acres) opposite the Salt cellar. We will be seeking outlining planning permission for this site in the coming months as our long term desire is to build a new church and community facility on this site that will provide the people of Middlewich with a modern community and  conference centre that will eventually accommodate up to 1000 people. 


Pastor David Moore
Middlewich Community Church
01606 835928

 5 Jul 2012

Facebook Feedback:

Peter Cox So sad to see yet another good facility, which helps a lot of people, close.

Stephen Dent The proposed community and conference centre sounds really exciting, though. I look forward to seeing the plans.

Jain Talbot I know that turning it into flats is beneficial for those in need, but it will be a major loss to the community.


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