Thursday 20 September 2012


Another from Carole Hughes' collection showing Middlewich as it was twenty-five years ago.
Here we see a long, low building which still survives today and was, for many years, the home of Jaygee Fireplaces.
Built on a high bank overlooking the 'new' town bridge itself, this was the first building on the right hand side of  Lower Street as it led from the town bridge towards the Bull Ring.
Hidden behind the traffic signs on the right is a  brick  facade with the name of the firm on it, designed, probably, to give the building a more imposing look when viewed from the town bridge and Kinderton Street.
This facade has now disappeared.
The survival of this almost temporary looking building when so much in the area was demolished is probably due to its somewhat isolated position away from the main shopping area.
Never a particularly attractive building, it nevertheless lives on with a new roof and in a much smartened up condition as the Town Bridge Estate Agency.

Facebook Feedback:
Geraldine Williams: I don't know when Jaygee started trading, but we certainly had a fireplace from them when we were setting up our first home in Kinderton Street in early 1961!

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