Thursday 29 December 2016

WINTER IN MIDDLEWICH 2016 by Shaun Broad

The dying days of 2016, in Middlewich as elsewhere, produced some excellent photographic conditions which many local photographers were quick to take advantage of. Among them was Shaun Broad who took an early morning stroll in the keen frost and low-lying misty light of 29th December. His atmospheric shots of some iconic Middlewich locations are reproduced here with his permission - Ed

The sun struggles to break through the mist and casts an unearthly light over early-morning Middlewich, draining the scene of almost all colour.

A scene which in Summertime is alive with boats, and colour, and people having a good time, particularly in mid-June when the FAB Festival hits town. In late December the Big Lock, and the pub which is named for it appear to be sleeping. This shot could almost be mistaken for one of those composite 'Then & Now' pictures combining a  very old photo with a modern one. The only colour comes from the subdued red-brick of the pub and adjacent buildings.

Awaiting better days to come, the Town Wharf, once the bustling commercial heart of the town, is also dozing in the misty early morning stillness. There's nothing to suggest that  busy roads choked with traffic are only a few yards away. 
Where the Trent & Mersey and the Shropshire Union canals meet, all is quiet and there is no hint of the busy canal traffic, and even busier road traffic, which normally characterise the area. In the distance, above the blue boat, the dim and ghostly outline of the Kings Lock pub looms through the mist.

Commentary by
Dave Roberts


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  1. Excellent atmospheric (and nostalgic) photos.


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