Sunday 8 January 2017


Our town's much admired community spirit really came to the fore in early January 2017, leading directly to the creation of the MIDDLEWICH HELPERS Facebook Group.

Laura Lucas writes:
It is agreed that Facebook has many down points, however tonight I have witnessed something great: A man posted a comment on the Middlewich Community site regarding a man who was homeless and is residing under the bridge.
The whole of the community has come together to provide him with essentials to get him through the cold nights before he is rehoused,hopefully on Monday. We spoke to him for a while and despite his current situation and health implications his spirit and fight is phenomenal! I truly believe that this will get him through this hardship!
Tonight has shown, not only that there are still people out there who are genuinely decent human beings,but also that there is always a reason to smile and appreciate what and who we have in our lives.No matter how big or how small this may be! 

7th January 2017

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  1. Well done people of middlewich, great community spirit and I really hope things are looking up for Paul x

  2. Well done to all involved you should be so proud of your community.
    Regards Noel


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