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The Middlewich Charity Shield

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Always the very first Middlewich Event of every year, the Annual Middlewich New Year's Day Treasure Hunt is competed for come rain or shine by hung-over Middlewichians, and the prize, since 1992 at least,  has been  the much-coveted Middlewich Charity Shield.

Traditionally the team which wins the shield each year sets the questions for the following year but in 2017 things were a little different.

Melody Smith  volunteered - for one year only - to set the questions for the 2017 Treasure Hunt and guaranteed a great time for all concerned.

During the time she spent organising the 2017 event, Melody managed to put together a brief history of the event, which can be found by scrolling down the page.

We're still interested to find out more about the history of the Middlewich Treasure Hunt. 

The earliest date on the shield, which is  dedicated to the memory of Christina Wakefield, is 1992 when, as can be seen from the list of winners below, 'R&P Jackson' were the victors.

But did this epic New Year trawl around the town actually start before 1992? 

The Middlewich Diary would love to hear more of the history of this cherished Middlewich Institution.

If you can help, please email us at:

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(administered by MELODY SMITH and DAVE ROBERTS))

The list of past winners makes interesting reading. 

The term 'usual suspects' springs to mind, with names like 'Poniznik + Bruce, 'S Bailey & T Hough' , 'Bic's Team', 'The Shaws', 'Stitched Up' and many others making up a virtual 'Who's Who' of the Great and Good in Middlewich.

If you were a member of one of these illustrious teams and have memories - happy or otherwise - of taking part in the Treasure Hunt, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

The Boar's Head Hotel in Kinderton Street - starting point for the Treasure Hunt every year


1992 R&P Jackson
1993 M&C Lowe, R&P Jackson
1994 Poniznik + Bruce
1995 Worthington family
1996 Wood 'n' Teas
1997 Worthington family
1998 S Bailey & T Hough
1999 Plonkers 2
2000 Year 2K
2001 Plonkers 2
2002 The Shaws
2003 Whott
2004 The Shaws
2005 The Young Ones
2006 Whott
2007 Hough & Bailey
2008 Middlewich Masons
2009 Stitched Up
2010 Otherwise Engaged
2011 Bics Team
2012 Dirty Monkeys
2013 Dave DE & Dozy Kids
2014 Chips
2015 DE & Dave
2016 (no name supplied)
2017 Chubby's Christmas Chickens
2018 WHOT+1

Dave Roberts


by Melody Smith

The New Year's Day Treasure Hunt, with its prize, the Middlewich Charity Shield, was started in 1992 by Terry and Christina Wakefield, who used to run a disco and catering company  and were actively raising funds for local causes and charities in Middlewich.

Tragically, in 1993, a year which proved to be very difficult for Terry and his family, Christine had a fatal fall in her home.

As a mark of respect, and a reflection of her work in the community, Terry dedicated the recently established shield to Christina's memory.

He continued to run the treasure hunt until 1998 when he left Middlewich and moved to the Wirral to enjoy a new life with his current wife.

I recently spoke to Terry by telephone, and he was very pleased to hear that the tradition has stayed strong in Middlewich and that the annual event has continued to be an institution within the community.

He still has links here and visits occasionally.

His daughter has requested that, when the shield is full and needs replacing, she would like to keep it.

Full classified results and scores for the 2018 contest:
(courtesy of David Williams)

P. Pts (tie break) Team name
1. 74 (+1,194) WHOT+1
2. 74 (-2,120) Jones Duo
3. 74 (-2,898) Aussie Chips
4. 73 (-1,246) Two Little, Two Late
5. 73 (-2,455) The Powerful Regans

6. 72.5 The Schmadleys

7. 72 (-120) Time Out
8. 72 (-1,354) Bet You Can't Fit This Name On The Trophey When We Win

9. 71 (-620) Mints Beef
10. 71 (-924) The Fozzies
11. 71 (-1,575) Los Detectoristas!
12. 71 (-2,920) The Unicorns

13. 70 (-2,420) The Table + Friends
14. 70 (-2,455) 4 Legs, 3 Brain Cells
15. 70 (-3,581) Bayer Lederhosen
16. 69 (+649) Samson
17. 69 (-1,620) The Hardley Boys
18. 68 (-161) Lazy Youfz
19. 68 (-2,220) Jacobs Crackers
20. 68 (-4,197) Riddle Me This Sherlock Jones 
21. 68 (-11,120) AdamsTeam
22. 68 (+14,880) Crazy Crew
23. 66 (-3,488) Chimps Champs
24. 66 (-2,620) Morris Clan
25. 66 (-11,120) Team Latham Boys
26. 65 (2,007) Alexandersaurus
27. 65 (-11,120) No Name, Clueless
28. 63 (+232) The Hudsons
29. 63 (-2,220) Team Rock
30. 61.5 A Plague Of Boyles
31. 61 (-1,148) The Bramhalls
32. 61 (-11,120) Haven't Got A Cluedo
33. 59 The Dog's Bollocks
34. 54 Rockers
35. 52 The Descendants
36. 48 Morris Clan
37. 41 Sodding Stars
38. 38 I'm Your Son So you Should let Me Win Please
39. 36 Lillius
40. 17 Abu Hamza's Glove Puppets


First published 3rd December 2017
Updated 8th December 2017
Re-published 1st January 2018

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