Monday 15 August 2011


Another glimpse of Seabank, this time from the Town Wharf itself and showing the 
long-vanished cottages on the left-hand side. In the foreground are the cabin and tiller of a British Waterways maintenance boat. If you look immediately to the right of the cabin you can see a section of blue engineering bricks on  the retaining wall between the canal and the River Croco This is the last remains of the footbridge from Seabank to the Town Wharf. The greenish looking building at the top of Seabank is now part of the Kinderton Hotel and hidden from view behind the larger part of what is now the hotel, is the Boar's Head Hotel.
We have to stress that when we talk about Seabank being 'the old road from Kinderton to Middlewich', we are talking about a very long time ago indeed; a time when Kinderton and Middlewich were two separate townships. This would be long before the canal was built in 1776.

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