Wednesday 29 February 2012

NOW & THEN: MANOR LODGE 1974 and 2011

In this posting we published a slide of Manor Lodge, close to the aqueduct in Nantwich Road, and blithely threw out the opinion that 'nothing much' had changed. Which, of course, teaches us yet again not to try to rely on memory alone. The Manor Lodge building has in fact changed radically since 1974, as can be seen from these comparison pictures.
At least some of the transformation has been brought about by local building firm Hough Construction, as this series of photographs from one of their publicity handouts shows us.
Photos: Hough Construction UK Ltd
Which reminds us of another point about local conservation, preservation and restoration. Renovation of buildings doesn't just happen. Someone has to have plans drawn up and engage people to actually do the hard work. Hough Construction has been involved in many  projects locally in recent years, including restoration work on some of Middlewich's historic buildings, and the company's website has photographs of some of the work they have carried out.
UPDATE: 10th January 2012:
There appears to have been some sort of mishap at Manor Lodge. The stone gatepost which had been painstakingly put back together has been knocked over, and this time the ball on the top has sheared in half. The window behind it (seen on the bottom most Hough Construction photo above) is boarded up, and the corner of the roof has been damaged. It looks as though a large vehicle has either run into or backed into the driveway and gone out of control. Does anyone know what happened? -Ed

UPDATE: 11th January 2012:
Well who better to tell us than the owner of the property, Ewan Macdonald, who posted the following on our Middlewich Diary Facebook Group page:

'A car hit the gatepost at high speed. Knocked one of the blocks up into the roof, damaging eaves, while another block went straight throught the front window. Happened late Boxing Night while we were away. Hopefully Patrick will be able to fix it!'

We're very grateful to Ewan for taking the time and trouble to tell us what happened. Here's a set of recent photos for those who like puzzles. See if you can figure out how it all goes back together...-Ed

CLUE: This is what it's supposed to look like........

UPDATE (29th February 2012):

We're grateful to Ewan Macdonald for supplying this photo of the brand new gatepost at Manor Lodge:

As Ewan himself says, let's hope it stays vertical for a few years now!

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  1. Geraldine Williams10 January 2012 at 19:51

    Such a shame after all that renovation work. Hope the damage is not too serious.


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