Sunday 10 June 2012


A still from the MCACS/STP Film 'Coronation Celebrations 1937'
Here's a still from the opening sequence of the film 'Coronation Celebrations 1937' which we're currently preparing for its debut on Youtube.
It's Coronation Day 1937 and the whole of Middlewich is bedecked with flags and bunting to celebrate the occasion.
Nothing is left out - not even the humble Gas Office in Lower Street which, 1937 being rather too early for the North-Western Gas Board, we assume was still in the hands of the Middlewich Gaslight & Coke Company.
The gasworks itself was on the other side of the Trent & Mersey Canal and River Croco and the gas itself was pumped into the town via the pipe-bridge we saw here which made landfall on the Middlewich side behind this office.
Notice, to the left, the elaborate telegraph pole, one of many which adorned the town all those years ago, and the clouds of black smoke which were emanating from the chimneys of Henry Seddon's Pepper Street works.
Coronation or no Coronation the salt works kept on going...

                    THE JEWEL IN OUR CROWN

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