Saturday 4 May 2013



'The environment in which we live and work in has been shaped by our ancestors for thousands of years. 
Cheshire is a landscape steeped in history; it has been an industrial and agricultural land with established 
route-ways dating back to the Iron Age and engineered waterways from the Industrial Revolution. Each part 
of Cheshire is distinctive and unique. 
Brief: To capture an image of Cheshire, exploring the landscape both natural & worked and historic built 
environment. We also have a ‘general’ category that will allow more scope in terms of having a prize 
winning photograph that does not fit into an existing category. 
This exciting opportunity exists for young budding photographers, enthusiastic amateurs and semi– 
professional photographers to take part in the Annual ‘Your Heritage’ exhibition. All Photographic entries 
received will be displayed at the Folk and Boat Festival on 15th and 16th June 2013'. 

(from the Town Council 'Heritage' pages)

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