Tuesday 30 April 2013


by Dave Roberts
Well there's nothing mysterious about the inscription itself. It's a simple rendering of the name A GALLAGHER made with a penkife or some other pointed metal object a good few years ago from the look of it.
 It can be found (just) within the Middlewich Town boundary, but not in the town itself.
 The name is inscribed on a very hard stone, one of many in the vicinity, and must have taken quite a bit of painstaking work over quite a long time.
I've seen this many many times over the years, and it must have been seen also by many people walking their dogs or just taking a stroll, or even making use of an old but still popular form of transport..
It will have been seen in its time by many working people as well as thousands of leisure seekers.
Could the A GALLAGHER commemorated here be Albert Gallagher?
Our simple question is - where is it?


  1. On the Tow path at Tannery lock, or Norman's Lock as it's sometimes called.

  2. I used spend a lot of my childhood fishing along Normans wood plus the rest of the shroppie.
    Got to say I never saw the carving but I think I left a mark of my own around there somewhere.
    Great site Dave and I used to be a regular at your disco in the vaults but now I am away from UK having retired (a little early I must add LOL) It is so good to see the old Middlewich I grew up in
    but are there no pics from the 1960s? Or do you know where I might find any?

  3. Sorry for being a little vague in my comment Dave and I know there are pics from the 60s era on your site which I enjoy looking at so much. Maybe i should elaborate about what i am looking for.. That is pics maybe Sunday afternoons when all those years ago the shops were closed and it used to be like a ghost town. So many memories of younger days and Dees disco was great!! Got to say though I don't like the graffiti that they say is art on the walls of THE VAULTS,(Middlewich Gaurdian web site)


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