Tuesday 17 September 2013


Coronation Celebrations in St Ann's Avenue, Middlewich, June 1953

by Dave Roberts
We thought we ought to publish this photo before this Diamond Jubilee year ends. It comes to us courtesy of Malcolm Hough of Wych House Lane and was in turn loaned to him by Alan Berry.
The photo shows the people of St Ann's Avenue posing for a commemorative portrait on Coronation Day, June 2nd 1953.

Improved version by Bill Armsden
Here's an enlarged and improved version by Bill Armsden (you may have to scroll sideways to see it all, depending on your browser). Many thanks to Bill for this.

Are you on this photo? Do you know the people on it? How many of them are still living in Middlewich? How many of them are still in St Ann's Avenue?
If you can help, please feel free to download the picture and show it around. Downloading will also enable you to perhaps zoom in a little more than we've been able to.
If you don't know, the procedure on most computers for saving a photo from the net is to right click the picture with your mouse and select 'save image as' from the pop-up list (the wording may be slightly different on some browsers) and then give the photo a title and save it on your computer.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Facebook Feedback

Bill Armsden One of my old friends iis in the picture - John Bailey, along with his brother and his mother. The picture was taken right outside their house, which is the door on the right of the two shown in the picture

Cliff Astles Whose are the donkeys? Do they belong to Joey Berrington? I remember he had at least one, and it was kept at his house (farm) just before the St Ann's Road Bridge over the Shropshire Union Canal, when going towards St Ann's Road.



  1. Dave, Not too sure that this is St Annes Avenue ?
    There are no gardens in front of the houses ?
    Looks to be houses on one of the more major roads in the town from the size of the substantial curb stones used in the pavement ?

  2. Interesting points, Cliff. I'll get back to Alan Berry (via Malc Hough) to see what the origin of the picture is.


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