Wednesday 12 June 2024

DAY BY DAY 12 12th JUNE 2024




Welcome back. We've missed a few days owing to pressure of work, but now here we are on the brink of what looks like being the most incredible Folk & Boat Festival ever! The town has taken the FAB Festival to its heart as never before following last year's successful relaunch as the community festival the Folk & Boat was always intended to be. I know others lay claim to being Middlewich's 'biggest music event' and so forth, but no other Festival comes even close. And that's because everyone in Middlewich wants to be a part of this Festival of Festivals! There's so much happening this weekend that to try to take it all in can give you a headache. My advice to you is to just let it wash over you. You'll never get to see everything, because there's so much to see, but I promise you'll never be bored (unless you come to see me reciting my daft poetry in between times at the JOHN McATEER FOLK STAGE at MIDDLEWICH TOWN FC!)

But before we even start the Festival, there's this:

Tonight, Matthew, I'm pretending to be a Bingo Caller at this very worthwhile event raising money for FRIENDS OF FOUNTAIN FIELDS and SADS UK.

Then tomorrow night, so close to the Festival that there's no going back....there's this!

A Festival institution which has been going on for years and has been dotted all around the Festival schedule, from hungover Sunday mornings at The White Horse to a memorable Saturday evening at the Boar's Head smack in the middle of a folk session! We seem to have settled on the Thursday before the Festival as the time for this venerable tradition. This year, as you'll have seen, we're raising money for the FAB Festival's sister event, THE MIDDLEWICH ROSE FETE and CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL! Please note though that, like everything else to do with MFAB, it's not your normal quiz! So, if you want a quiet, tranquil and sedate start to your Festival Weekend... you'd best look elsewhere!

More later! Please keep calling back. Sorry to trouble you - don't you know there's a Festival on?! - DR

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