Saturday 1 June 2024

DAY BY DAY 1 1st June 2024


Saturday 1st  June 2024
WELCOME to the Middlewich Diary DAY by DAY, in which the Middlewich Diary takes its place as a (we hope) trusted source of information for Middlewich and let's you know what's happening in our home town. For the first time we're operating as a true blog. We can't promise to publish a new post every day of the year, but there will, we hope, be something new to see most days. We'll be trying to make sense of the sometimes baffling things posted on social media in the area and bringing together news from such organisations as the Folk & Boat Festival, the Friends of Fountain Fields, the Crazy Daisies, Middlewich Flowering Meadows and Feel Good Throwbacks Radio, the new local radio station for the area which, among many other delights, brings you the Cheshire Folk Show every Sunday at 1pm starting on June 2nd. 
We'll also feature YOUR news and events if you let us know about them on We can't promise to publish everything  that's sent to us, but we'll do our best. 
We'll be looking back at some of the hundreds of Middlewich Diary entries we've published so far, and also, as we've done since 2011, publishing more.
You might also like to take a look at our Middlewich Memories, published every month in the Middlewich edition of  Go Local.
From time to time on DAY by DAY, we'll be giving you our opinion on something you may consider controversial. When this happens, the section will be clearly marked with this heading. We welcome your (constructive) comments:

Happening today:

Rob Dykes, Middlewich URC

Happening tomorrow (Sunday)

Feel Good Throwbacks Radio

NEW SERIES starts tomorrow (Sunday 2nd)
on Feel Good Throwbacks Radio
1pm - 2pm

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