Thursday 20 June 2024

DAY BY DAY 13 21st JUNE 2024


 FRIDAY 21st JUNE 2024

10am: A lovely warm, sunny start to the day Obviously the Folk Festival weather we wanted has arrived a week late.

We've been away for a few days, for obvious reasons. But now we're back to pass on any  news of forthcoming happenings in Middlewich which come our way. Please email us on the address above if you've anything you think we should know about.

The Cheshire Folk Show can now be heard every Sunday at 6pm on FEELGOOD THROWBACKS RADIO, broadcasting from THE WHITE HORSE BUSINESS CENTRE in Lewin Street, Middlewich. From Sunday 30th the show will be extended to two hours, from 6 until 8pm.


This Sunday:

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Alison Roylance-White writes:
After many conversations with the Trustees of the Wych Centre, we have decided to cancel our car boot sale on 4th August.
It was a fundraiser for The Youthie, the weekly club for 7-12 year olds.
We started advertising this on the 10th June and had bookings then this week, the Town Council decided to advertise their own car boot sale, free to have a pitch and the week before us.
We cannot compete with the weight of the Council so sadly our fundraiser has been parked and we will need to find another way to raise funds.
It costs c£7k per year to run the club as we have a skilled staff team and really appreciate the volunteers who help us. We get no money from the Town Council or Cheshire East but the kids do pay a membership fee which covers some of the costs.
If you need venue for an event, please remember us as the hall hire helps towards The Youthie.

Middlewich Diary editorials are as rare as hen's teeth. They represent my view and my view alone as distinct from the 'view of the Middlewich Diary', whatever that may mean. As, despite what anyone may try to tell you, I'm not opinionated and can usually see both sides of any given argument, it's not necessary in most cases to make the distinction.
But I thought I'd say a little something about narcissists. Some will know why I mention this phenomenon, and some will be, and will remain, in blissful ignorance.
Widespread use of the internet, and Facebook in particular, has meant that it's easier than ever to recognise a narcissist. Apparently, if you're born with a narcissistic personality, that's your personality for the rest of your life. You can't change it, and nor can anyone else.  Narcissism can be hidden but the narcissist can be triggered by certain events or people and then that awful personality trait becomes clear for all to see.
A narcissist has an unshakeable belief in his or her abilities. They're prone to boastfulness and claiming powers and intellect way beyond their actual capacity. They're never wrong about anything, and they take criticism, even constructive criticism, as a personal insult, leading them to lash out at their perceived 'attacker' with a venom which sometimes beggars belief. They'll tell lies about people and then claim to have been lied about. It's called 'projection'. Narcissists will insult and belittle their 'enemies' with an intense fury, and when challenged will claim to be the victim. They're adept at getting people on their side, as they so often have the 'gift of the gab'  and find it easy to fool the gullible, who'll defend them against all comers. They have no sense of humour about themselves and will see the smallest  joke aimed at them as a major attack, warranting retribution. Narcissists are never able to admit mistakes and would rather die than do so. If they do manage to gain any power or status in a community, when they lose that power or status they're unable to stand the loss and will go into meltdown, lashing out at everything and everyone. It's tempting to say, 'there but for the grace of God go I' and conclude that they are more to be pitied than censured. But no, they can cause such damage to a community that they must be identified, so they can do no further damage. There are narcissists in Middlewich, just as there are everywhere else. Once you know the signs and symptoms it is so easy to spot them. So please don't be gullible. Watch out for the signs. But if you know someone who is an obvious narcissist and you're still enabling them, then shame on you.

Dave Roberts
21st June 2024

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