Tuesday 27 November 2018


The lock-keeper's cottage at the Big Lock in 1974.  

For some reason this slide is undated but it's likely that the cottage was knocked down before it fell into the River Croco which is directly below its rear wall at the bottom of a sheer drop.

The cottage always had a precarious existence and. Messrs Curzon and Hurley confirm that it was 'demolished before it collapsed in the 1970s'.

An overflow channel from the pound above the lock runs into the river near the back of the cottage. An attractive garden associated with the Big Lock pub 
has replaced this building.

For more on this see this entry

First published 10th June 2011

Revised and re-published 27th November 2018


  1. The site of the cottage has, for many years, been used as a performance area during the Middlewich Folk & Boat Festival, giving rise to the unusual
    arrangement of the performers being on one side of the canal and the audience on the other.

  2. On Facebook, Geraldine Williams commented:The last family I remember living there was named Cliffe and the daughter's name was Yvonne.

    Maureen Condra said:
    What great pics. I was born st 40 Lewin Street 71 yrs ago. It has not changed that much. Tony Duffy, or Batty lived next door to me and John Maddock lived next door to him. Across the street was Helen Gillet, Barbara Clark,and Maureen Blackburn and every one knew every one in the town. Now when i walk through Middlewich I don't know any one. I was there for a visit in October and saw no one I knew, just family and close friends.

  3. Jonathan Williams said:
    Very happy to share these links Dave, and the more the better. We have lost so much of the fabric of the town, through dereliction and poor planning... the least we can do is to preserve the memories and protect the future.

    Peter Cox said:
    Cant agree more Jonathan

  4. The following exchange took place hetween Maureen Condra and Geraldine Williams on Facebook; a fascinating illustration of how the internet can bring long lost friends and acquaintances back together:

    Geraldine Williams: It was interesting to read your post Maureen. Was your maiden name Hitchen? We don't live in Middlewich any more but I remember John Maddock (I think he emigrated to Australia on the £10 assisted scheme), 'Ace' Batty is still going strong and I met Helen Gillett in Crewe only a few days ago!

    Maureen Condra: hi yes my last name was hitchen my father signed all the papers for john to go to australia i have tried to find him on facebook but with no luck i saw helen in oct when i came to visit the last time i saw tony was 10 yrs ago when my mother passed away what was your last name? please keep in touch

    Geraldine Williams: I was Geraldine Twiss and I went to St Mary's. I married Anthony Williams (Winifred and Margaret's elder brother).

    Maureen Condra: thats the name that came to my mind your birthday is aug 2 1939 same as mine right were do you live now ? helen and i have been in touch all theses yrs her and les came to visit us and her son andrew as been about 5 times my brother still lives in middlewich so i do come bk to see him and the rest of my family my sister lives in winsford now so how have you been i have not seen you since i was 15 were have all the yrs gonei live in chesterfield va

    Maureen Condra i told my hubby you were the only geraldine i ever knew


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