Saturday 12 May 2012




Preparations begin in earnest next week for the first ever MIDDLEWICH DIARY CHARITY QUIZ, which takes place at THE BOAR'S HEAD on Thursday 14th June.

It's just the first in a series of occasional pub quizzes which we're running to celebrate the Middlewich Diary's first birthday, to raise money for various charities - local, national and international - and above all FOR A LAUGH!

Details of the quiz, along with a link to the website of WATER AID, our first chosen charity, can be found here, and more details will be added as we get everything together.

We're looking for teams of (up to) four people, and we're hoping that local organisations will want to get teams together to enjoy an evening of jollity for a good cause.

So far two teams have registered an interest - Liz Rosenfield's 'Cheshire Folk' team and Mike Jenning's 'Buff Orpington Trio' (although there are four of them).

Let us know if you want to register a team, or, alternatively, just turn up on the night.

We're hoping for many more, so please contact us if you'd like to take part.

Starting the fund-raising ball rolling is Paul Stevens, who donated the albums seen above to a charity auction held at The Boar's a few years ago.

I was the highest bidder and have had the albums ever since.

I've only  played them once (to transfer them into digital form).

Now, like all sensible people, Paul's decided that he rather liked his old vinyl collection and has bought a new turntable.

He asked me the other day if I'd like to sell these Genesis classics back to him and we've agreed that, for a donation to our Water Aid fund, the albums can return to Paul's collection.

If you'd like to donate prizes for the quiz, or take part, contact Peter Cox on the e-mail address shown here.

Thank you!



  1. Love to be there, but will be in Jakarta on business. Hopefully back in time for MFAB, though.
    Hope it goes well
    Ewan Macdonald


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