Thursday 24 May 2012


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This photograph from the Paul Hough collection follows on from this one and shows Lewin Street as it was fifteen years earlier, around 1972, when the 'VIC Coin-Op Laundry' and dry-cleaners occupied the former Co-op grocery store which is currently the home of Rowland's Pharmacy and Middlewich Post Office.
This 'laundry' (or laundrette as everyone called it) was managed by a Mrs Meakin who had twin sons.
Proceeding on down the street we see the Crown, which was then an outpost of Greenall Whitley Land (roughly covering the same area as 'Granadaland' - there were many and various claims to the territory of the North-West in those days).
After the Crown it's business as usual with Fred Dodd's gent's outfitters and the little terrace of houses with a shop at the end, all of which have now been replaced by 'Longcross Court'.
On the extreme left you can just make out the shape of an old fashioned red GPO telephone box, now replaced by a more modern version.
It's easy to get nostalgic about those old red telephone 'kiosks'.
In reality they were dirty, germ-ridden and frequently insanitary (for reasons we needn't go into) and, to cap it all, frequently vandalised, so that your chances of finding a phone which actually worked were quite remote.

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