Friday 25 May 2012


by Dave Roberts
One year ago today saw the start of the first incarnation of 'A Middlewich Diary' as a section of the Salt Town Site,our original website which was once the home of the Salt Town Poets (1995-2010) and still survives as a kind of miscellany of salt town stuff and bits and pieces.
The original 'Middlewich Diary' pages are still intact and it's possible to see how the idea for the Middlewich Diary blog developed over the short period between the end of the website 'Diary' and the start of the blog itself (which you're reading now) on the 10th June last year.
The actual style of the Diary was developed many years earlier in 1985 with the Middlewich Heritage Society Newsletter in which I used to fill many a blank half page with a photo of old Middlewich and add my own, sometimes idiosyncratic, commentary.
Our first 'official' Middlewich Diary picture was the one above, part of a set of Kodachrome slides which I took in the late sixties and early seventies during the period when Middlewich was starting to change  from a grimy workaday salt town into something resembling the attractive semi-dormitory town we know today.
You can read the commentary on this picture (and the rest of the original 'Middlewich Diary' pages) by clicking here

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