Wednesday 30 May 2018


by Dave Roberts

This is the view from my bedroom window at no. 33 King Street in 1973. The Middlewich Archaeological Society is playing host to other archaeologists as they make a field trip to the dig in the field adjacent to our back fence. Many years later, this would also be the site of the Middlewich 'Community Dig'. The archaeological project of the early 1970s was headed by J D Bestwick of Keele University.

The field in question, alone among the fields bordering King Street, has not yet succumbed to housing development, but repeated attempts have been made to build houses there and there's no doubt that one day someone will succeed, ending forever the wonderful view of the town centre and the church we enjoyed for all those years.

In the background can be seen the site of the Seddons Pepper Street Works across the canal and River Croco. This seemed to remain empty for many years (although the 1975 Inland Waterways Association Rally was held there) until the Moorings was built. If you look carefully, you can see that the Middlewich we know today was slowly taking shape around the new 'Inner Relief Road' (St Michael's Way). Is it my imagination or can I just make out, on the low grey building to the left which is now Tesco Express and Pineland, the words CO-OPERATIVE SUPERSTORE?

Top right is Middlewich telephone exchange, once isolated in its own compound off Pepper Street but by this time just another building on St Michael's Way. The telephone exchange has since been much extended and now finds itself surrounded by the Powell House and Spindle Whorl Developments which link St Michael's Way and Wheelock Street.

A brief history of the various archaeological projects in the area over the years can be found here:


(pdf file - Cheshire Shared Services)

First published 22nd July 2011

Expanded and re-published 30th May 2018

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