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You always used to be able to gauge a town's importance by the size and appearance of its local police station, and here we see Middlewich's former substantial premises, built in Victorian times, which stood in Queen Street, close to the site of the present station but closer to the road - more or less in the space which is the approach road and car park for the current station. The change to a smaller building had less to do with rising or falling crime rates, and more to do with the Cheshire Constabulary and the way it was organised. The old station had a solid, reassuring look to it which the current one lacks. On the roof is Middlewich's air raid siren, later used to summon the fire brigade until a new siren was placed on top of a tower at the new fire station in Civic Way. The siren system was replaced by individual alarms in firemen's homes and then by a bleeper system in around 1970/71.
I don't know if the siren in Civic Way still exists. If it does, and it ever sounded, it would frighten the living daylights out of us all. This picture is dated 1972.

Facebook Feedback:

Geraldine Williams A few years ago the siren was always sounded to mark the end of the two minutes' silence on Remembrance Sunday.

Dave Roberts  My late Mother always maintained that she saw a flying saucer hovering over this police station in 1970. All very intriguing. She was certainly the last person you'd suspect of imagining things, or indulging in flights of fancy.

For some reason this photo didn't make the transfer over to the Middlewich Diary until 2016, when we were able to expand a little on the above.

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  1. When Police Officers were "out on patrol" on foot in Middlewich at night it was normal to hide the key to the main front door and for the internal cells, UNDER the police station front matt.


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