Thursday 1 December 2011


This posting should be read with reference to this one in which we were looking at part of the site of the current Tesco supermarket and car park as it was in (we think) the 1960s.
Obviously the best way of comparing a scene from the past with its modern-day counterpart is to take a 'now' picture to put alongside the 'then' shot, but this is not always as easy as it might appear.
This is a case in point.
Short of knocking down the Tesco Supermarket, there is no way an exact present-day equivalent of the 1960s shot can be taken, and this is the best I could do. I've cropped and enlarged part of the original black & white shot to try to make the two pictures a little easier to compare.
On the extreme left of both shots is Barclay House, struggling to be seen through the trees in the old shot, but in the new picture seeming almost engulfed by the luxuriant foliage which forms part of the landscaping of the current Tesco car park.
The two windows at the end of the block of shops along Southway can be seen in both photos (in actual fact the block in question is, traditionally, part of Wheelock Street - Southway was, until the 70s, just the name for the footpath between Wheelock Street and St Ann's Road. This posting shows how things were at the start of that decade) At one time these windows were partly masked by the roof of the wooden 'industrial' building which stood at the end of the block, and when this was removed and replaced by the modern lower-roofed building which houses the hairdressers and florists shops, those windows were fully revealed.
And I have to say that I think my assertion that the trees in the 'then' shot are in the same spot as the Tesco entrance 'pagoda' was absolutely spot on.

Facebook Feedback:
Paul Greenwood The two windows at the end of the building to the right of the image are my bedroom windows now!!

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