Thursday 22 December 2011


Photo: Salt Town Productions 
Can you identify this attractive little corner of Middlewich?
Clue: Quite a few people have seen through my little subterfuge...
Well, of course, everyone saw through it. The photo should really look like this:

Photo Salt Town Productions
It's just that, when I looked at the picture which was actually taken this Autumn and shows Southway, close to the entrance to Tesco's delivery yard, it had a vaguely Edwardian feel to it which I thought could be enhanced by the sepia look. But nobody could really be fooled by the obviously 21st century brick paving, the steel lamp post to the left, or the Tesco Supermarket plant room on the right. Worth a try through.
This view, and many others we've become used to over the last few years, will be obliterated for ever if Tesco's plans for a massive new 35,000 sq ft. store come to fruition. The plans were recommended for acceptance by Middlewich Town Council in late December 2011


  1. is it down southway at the back of Tesco

  2. Tesco have just submitted an alternative proposal plan no. 11/4471c. To save more of Middlewich's heritage including a Grade II listed building contact the council or your councillor before 1st. Feb


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