Thursday 8 December 2011


Paul Greenwood kindly took this shot for us on the 7th December, after we had had several messages asking us what had 'gone wrong' with the lights on Middlewich's Town Centre Christmas tree this year. The answer seems to be that a good proportion of the lights on the tree aren't working. This appears to have only happened quite recently, because people have told us that they have seen the tree with all the lights lit.
Officers from  Middlewich Town Council have, apparently, asked Cheshire East Council to ensure that the problem is sorted out as a matter of urgency because there are also problems with some of the other lights in the town centre.
Let's hope the difficulties can be overcome before too long. We'd like some nice festive pictures of the lights of Middlewich at Christmas 2011 for posterity,
Despite the obvious shortcomings of the decorations, this is still a nice shot from Paul. He's cunningly managed to include the church clock in the picture so we even know what time it was when he took it.
Sadly, though, the lights in the clock aren't working either.
Middlewich Town Clerk Jonathan Williams says: 'We are doing all we can to get the lights sorted out. The tree lights have been vandalised, which has not helped us at all. There is also a capacity problem with engineers being pulled all across Cheshire East and we have to wait our turn to get the pole-mounted and cross-street lights illuminated. Believe me we are, as a Town Council, very unhappy with this situation, and we are working to rectify it'.
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Sharon Barnard  I LOVE the half-lit tree. Only in Middlewich...

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