Friday 20 April 2012


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Another very well known Middlewich 'classic' - the 'Giant and Dwarf' from the 1909 'Middlewich Rose Queen Fete' held in the  grounds of one of the large houses around the town and under the patronage of some of the town's more wealthy inhabitants. 
Like its modern-day counterpart the Rose Queen Fete will have featured a procession through the streets prior to the main celebrations taking place at the fete itself.
The Giant and Dwarf are obviously taking part in something akin to a 'fancy dress' competition as there is a very elegant lady to their left subjecting them to close scrutiny.
The lady in question is wearing a rosette which probably indicates that she is acting as a judge.
On the right another elegant lady is being embraced from behind by someone we can only hope was her 'sweetheart', and she doesn't look too happy about it.
Rose Queen and May Day celebrations such as this were largely ended by the advent of the First World War, although some of their traditions continued as part of local town carnivals.
The Rose Fete tradition is carried on in the present day by such events as the Middlewich FAB Festival and its associated Middlewich Rose  Fete event.

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