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Middlewich Carpets & Flooring      Photo: Local Data Search
Gemma Blower writes:

Really enjoy reading your blogs on Middlewich. Have you any idea what the carpet shop on Hightown used to be? Some say it was a bank and some say it was a job centre and where you went to collect your dole. Also have you any pics?

Gemma originally raised this query as part of another Middlewich Diary topic, and, as it provoked quite a bit of interest, we thought it should be given its own entry.
The shop in question, now home, as can be seen, to Middlewich Carpets & Flooring is quite an attractive building and, in common with a lot of Middlewich's older property, has been all kinds of things in its day.
We welcome your recollections of the shop in its various guises over the years, and would particularly be interested in any old photographs anyone might be able to lend us.

Here's the feedback we've had so far:

Dave Roberts I remember there being a branch of the Trustees Savings Bank on Hightown, but I've an idea that was at the shop which is now Jennie Edwards.

Paul Greenwood I always thought the dole office was down that little alley between the betting shop and New You. It was a door on the right hand side which opened into a small room.

Geraldine Williams We think the carpet shop was the Labour Exchange/Dole Office and the TSB was to the left of the Post Office in Wheelock Street.

Andrew Tomlinson Mother called at 9.30pm last night - very late for her - to tell me that the TSB was where Jennie Edwards is now,and before that it was 'Putty' Bailey's paint shop. It later became Swinton's.
The carpet shop used to be Gater's Cake Shop (companion to the one in Wheelock Street) and No 28 (now St Michael's Drop-in centre - Ed.) used to be the Co-op furniture shop. I do seem to remember the Dole Office being there, but that will have been between the time my Mother's referring to and the present day. Hope this helps.
P.S. - Paul, you are correct about the Dole Office in Wheelock Street - it was a small, dark, smoke-filled room.

Bill Eaton (via e-mail) I recall Jennie Edwards as the TSB Savings Bank and the carpet shop as the dole office. The salon next door was at one time Reg Gater's shop. He had another one in Davenham besides the shop/bakehouse on Wheelock Street. The premises currently used by the Church was Harold Woodbine's electrical/television store. Prior to that it was Winsford Co-op's hardware department.

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  1. The carpet shop pictured does look like the dole office of the early 'Seventies. Nice to see the building is now gainfully employed.


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