Tuesday 3 January 2012


Here's a link to a poem about trainspotters I wrote many years ago called Crewe South Shed.
The reason it's emerged now is that a gentleman who runs a blog in, of all places, Japan, asked me for permission to quote it in an article he's writing about railway enthusiasts (to give them their Sunday name).
The gentleman in question, I should add, is not Japanese himself but hails originally from (I think) Sheffield.
The connection between Crewe and Middlewich is close enough for me to feature a link here (and, anyway, I'm the editor, so who's arguing?) and generations of schoolchildren from this area have spent hours watching locos at Crewe South Shed (and Crewe North,  Crewe Diesel Depot and  Crewe Electric Depot too)
Our own little local train, the Dodger, used to run to and from Crewe (as, I can assure you, will its modern equivalent one fine, enlightened day - I  am hoping to live to see it) and the town of Crewe itself now finds itself in the same local authority area as dear old Middlewich. Lucky Crewe.
Incidentally, if you should be  wondering whether Crewe South Shed itself is a thing of the past, it's reassuring to find that the Northern Belle Pullman train company gives its current address as Crewe South Shed, Weston Road, Crewe.


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