Saturday 28 January 2012


Looking very much stricken with age and seeming to be almost begging for someone to pull it down before it falls down is Costello's grocery shop in Kinderton Street in the early to Mid 1970s.
In fact it's astonishing that a shop selling food should be allowed to stay open in such an appalling state.
This photograph was taken around the same time as this one (slightly earlier, in fact. Note that the Typhoo Tea sign on the left [or at least the 'hoo Tea' part of it] is still intact here, whereas in the colour shot with Mary Costello, the sign has been broken).
To the left of the shop can be seen the little 'privy' which also features here and, behind it, the old outbuilding, the remains of which we featured here.
Next door but one to the shop, beyond the little cottage, is another long vanished Kinderton Street establishment, Whittaker's shop.
This photo was taken from the corner of Brooks Lane and Kinderton Street, immediately next to the Boar's Head Hotel.

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