Friday 9 September 2011


From time to time we like to take a break from our musings on Middlewich's past and take note of what is happening in the present day. This is a brand new photograph, taken on the 5th of September 2011, and showing dramatic developments alongside the Trent & Mersey Canal and River Croco not far from Town Bridge. The picture was taken from the bottom of Wych House Lane, looking towards Brooks Lane. The large red brick building in the background is The Boar's Head Hotel and the white building left of centre is the adjoining Kinderton Hotel, the garden of which, with its long hedge, can be seen directly below the BH. A huge swathe of land has been cleared from the Kinderton's garden right down to the River Croco (immediately beyond the canal in the foreground). Does anyone know why this has been done, who has done it, and, basically, what is happening in Brooks Lane?

Well, as expected, this generated a lot of interest. Here's the Facebook Feedback:

  • Sherry Hill-Smith Have you found anything out? You know what a nosey nellie I am.

  • Dave Roberts Not yet. But it's only 6.10 am here and I'm the only one up and about. I'm sure information will start to flow later in the morning.

  • Ian Murfitt I'm Up!! Morning!!

  • Dave Roberts Good Morning.

  • Ian Murfitt Is Pat building a marina ??

  • Dave Roberts Dunno, but something's afoot.

  • Ian Murfitt Station Car Park !!!!

  • Dave Roberts UPDATE:I've been for a walk around Brooks Lane this morning and it's a fairly safe bet that this is something to do with Dutton Aggregates, who are all over the area like a rash. An extension to their yard, perhaps? Bit of a problem on a slope like that, of course.

  • Sherry Hill-Smith Hello Mr. Murfitt, buenas días!
    So nothing exciting then, eh Dave?

  • Dave Roberts No. I thought it might have been a swimming pool, at least.

  • Liz Mcguinness Yes Dave it's Duttons! They bought the Kinderton from the brewery and then bought the land between Kinderton garden and the Croco/Trent and Mersey, which also adjoins their yard. Then cut down all the trees and dug the whole thing up! Maybe an extension to their yard or the beer garden or both?! x

  • Dave Roberts Ah! Thanks Liz. Any idea what they're planning to do with the hotel?

  • Liz Mcguinness Gutting it at the moment and plan to re-open by October I believe x

  • Dave Roberts Thanks Liz.

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