Wednesday 21 September 2011


Another in our series of slides covering the service of re-dedication and the procession  which followed. In this slide we see the then Chairman of the UDC, Cllr Fred Stallard (after whom the residential road connecting St Ann's Road and Sutton Lane is named), taking the salute as the procession reaches its destination at the Royal British Legion Club in Lewin Street.
For most civic occasions in this period the Chairman wore an ordinary suit with the chain and civic insignia around his neck, but here we see a rare outing for the Chairman's robe. The hat is an even greater rarity. It is, in fact, the only time I, personally, can ever remember seeing a UDC Chairman wearing it.
And, as can be expected from a generation which took part in the Second World War, medals are much in evidence.

Facebook feedback:

Geraldine Williams Lovely pic Dave. Nice to see Bishop Brewer, who was also Parish Priest at St Mary's, in the line-up. (btw the shadows are getting longer!)
(The latter is a reference to this posting -ed)

Dave Roberts Here's a sobering thought. If I'd tried to get this shot nowadays with my posh Olympus digital camera, the chances are I would have missed Fred's salute, as it takes the shutter about two seconds to fire. At least with the old Kodak Instamatic the shutter opened when you pressed the button. In actual fact, I get most modern shots on my Blackberry. Perfectly adequate for what i do.

  • Geraldine Williams Perfectly timed! However, you may have set Ecumenism back by several years by cutting the Bishop of Chester off!!!
  • Dave Roberts I should have taken him to one side for a commemorative picture, as I did with Frank Bailey and his wife. Bit late now...

    • Jonathan Williams Oh yes, the hat exists today. Like the UDC Chairmen, not many of the Town Mayors have worn it.Just 2 to be precise: 1. The Scarecrow Town Mayor we made for our office window for the recent Treasure Hunt. 2. Clr Andrew Mather. If you knew Andy Mather, you'd know why!!

    • Dave Roberts Shame. Cllr Parsons, to give but one example, would cut a fine figure wearing that hat.
    • Dave Roberts Or, more correctly, perhaps, would have...

      Jonathan Williams That's correct....he had his chance. Maybe I can have a word with our current Town Mayor and see if she will take up the mantle and resurrect the tradtion at her Civic Parade and Service this weekend*

        •  Keep you posted but Rentokil may be receiving a call !!

      • *For the Roman Middlewich Festival -ed.

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