Wednesday 21 September 2011

NOW and THEN: THE KINGS ARMS 1975, 2011

The Kings Arms on the corner of Hightown and Queen Street as it was in 1975 and as it is now. No one can deny that there has been a vast improvement to the appearance of the pub, as seen from the outside at least.
There was some controversy over the type of replacement windows used, but no doubt at all that they were sorely in need of replacement, and had been for many years. Apart from the windows, most of the improvements to the pub are cosmetic - a new coat of paint and some pleasing embellishments, but worth a lot in terms of the public face the town presents, particularly to newcomers and visitors.
What can't be detected from these pictures is that the Kings Arms today is about twice as big as it was in 1975, owing to the extensions built in the early 1990s when Frank Steed took over the pub
We used to defend the rough and ready, down-at-heel appearance of pubs such as this, claiming that they had 'character'. But we were kidding ourselves. They were scruffy and mostly nondescript places.

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