Tuesday 20 September 2011


Another little piece of old Middlewich nears the end of its life in 1974 as the redevelopment and remodelling of the King Street/Kinderton Street junction means the imminent end of the picturesque yard at Pool Head Farm.
One indication that things are about to change is the temporary wooden fence in the foreground of the picture. Previously a  brick wall had surrounded the farmhouse, farmyard and mill pool, starting in Kinderton Street and extending around the corner into King Street.
The same area in 2011 looks more like an industrial estate than anything else (although a sign affixed to one of the modern buildings still says 'Pool Head Farm'.)

Just another interesting corner of the town sacrificed for the sake of the
motor car.

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Geraldine Williams Those were the days - when you could safely leave a dead hen hanging up, with only some rickety palings to guard it, and know that it would still be there five minutes later.......... hehehe

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  1. I remember in the 1950's when Bert Morton had 2 or 3 Steam Traction Engines in the yard. Graham Edwards, Ontario Canada


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