Monday 19 September 2011


Here we see members of the  Band of the Black Watch Association in Leadsmithy Street at the head of the procession to the Royal British Legion Club in Lewin Street following the rededication of the war memorial in its new position on the 'piazza'.
In the background is the clearly non-whitewashed Wharf Cottage in the days before this, and many other parts of the town, began to be engulfed by uncontrolled vegetation. To the left is the ladies' end of the public conveniences just to the east of the Town Bridge.
The 1970s car in the background is also worthy of note, being a particularly dreary looking representative of the auto-styling of the time.
Assuming that the ceremony of re-dedication took place on Remembrance Sunday, the date would have been November 12th 1972. It hardly seems likely that two ceremonies would have been held that year, although, as always, we are open to correction on the matter.

Our second photograph shows the band a short time later outside the British legion Club in Lewin Street.

Facebook feedback:

  • Geraldine Williams I wonder why the windows of Wharf Cottage were bricked up on the street side? Not because of the Window Tax (repealed 1850) surely. I'm sure I've seen old pictures of Leadsmithy Street choc-a-bloc with buildings.

  • Dave Roberts I wonder if the windows were removed when the cottage was converted for use as the British Waterways Board's area offices? I don't see quite why they should have been, but could there have been some reason to do with the layout of the new offices?

    • Geraldine Williams I didn't know that the building had once been used as offices. btw I seem to recall that the re-dedication service took place in the afternoon but in any case I doubt the Bishop of Chester would have been available on Remembrance Sunday.

    • Dave Roberts Very true. Google doesn't seem to bring up anything regarding the actual date. There's no reason, of course, why the service should have been on Remembrance Day at all. If only I'd made proper notes about the slides I was taking...but I was young and foolish then. I'm still one out of the two. Perhaps some kind person can help with the date?

      • Geraldine Williams Of course, if we were REALLY clever (leave me out of this one!) we could work out the time of day - or even the season - from the shadows cast in the two pics!

      • Dave Roberts We could , couldn't we? Shouldn't be too difficult. Leave it with me...

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