Thursday 14 July 2011


This picture shows the Bullring and part of Wheelock Street from the church tower in 1972, and there's plenty of interest to look at.. In the centre of the shot is a Crosville single-decker nosing its way into Wheelock Street, and thus showing us that St Michael's Way, though nearing completion, isn't yet open for business. The  connection between the Bullring and the new road - not quite on the old alignment of Pepper Street -  is on the right, just above the child's head, which has provided a convenient site for our copyright notice.. Above that we can see The Vaults, newly out of hiding behind Dewhurst's Butcher's, the site of which now forms the pub's car park. Above The Vaults are two shops, one of which, we think, must have served time as a cafe. We think this is where Sharon Mather had her delicious scone in 1977 (see WAS THERE A CAFE NEAR THE VAULTS IN 1977?)
Above that, of course is the White Bear.
To the left of the picture can be seen the flat roof of the 'Co-op Superstore', with its canopy extending along the front . This was something to behold when first opened. It was, as its name implied, a large shop intended to bring all the various, scattered departments of the Co-op together under one roof. Originally it was on two levels, with a large upstairs furniture department. This can still be seen if you go along to 'Pineland' (at the top end of the building), and ask nicely. The company is using the space for storage. 'Pineland George' would certainly have let you take a look, but perhaps things have changed since he left us. What is now Pineland was originally the Co-op's Pharmacy and Opticians  department, and I had my eyes tested there for the first time in around 1970, surrounded by cardboard boxes. The building is, of course, currently a Tesco Express. Before that it was, famously, Dillon's but who ran it before them? Was it, perhaps, 'One Stop'? Information gratefully received on this.
Finally, at the bottom of the picture,  to the left of the child's head,we can see the new and soon to be infamous 'Piazza' taking shape before our horrified gaze.
P.S. If that's your head, bottom right, thanks.

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