Tuesday 26 July 2011


Today we're back in our old haunt of Kinderton Street. It is 1969 and the row of shops and houses leading up to Pool Head Farm and the junction with King Street (left) is yet to meet its fate. We're standing outside what is now the Kinderton Hotel and the Boar's Head can just be seen on the extreme right (note that, even before the alterations to the roadway, there was at least room to park a car outside the pub). Although some people long for the 'old Middlewich', by this date parts of it, including this row, were crumbling and semi-derelict. It's nice to see what the town used to be like, but perhaps we shouldn't mourn the passing of such places too much. To the right, in front of the Masonic Hall is the premises of Earl's Builders. There was a much larger wooden building to the right of this (out of shot) which we saw here

First published on Facebook on 8th May 2011. The original feedback
is below:

Geraldine Williams: Oi! Who left that caravan in our back garden....???!!!

Jonathan Williams: I did previously indicate that we used to live on the plot directly opposite the shop until 1967. In a house...not a caravan. No lure of ice cream or fags can ever alleviate the trauma of having your house pulled down around you. Nor indeed the proximity of the Boar's Head (although this was remedied to good effect in later years!)
    • (revised and re-formatted 4/12/2011)

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