Monday 25 July 2011


This photo shows Earls Builders and Builders Merchants , Kinderton Street, in 1973, proving the old saying that the builder always has the worst house in the street. The waste ground in middle of the shot is awaiting a blue plaque indicating that our Town Clerk once lived there. There are some interesting shots of Kinderton Street in 'Middlewich' by J Brian Curzon and Paul Hurley ('Images Of England' Series, Tempus Publishing 2005) but, unaccountably, at least one of them is labelled as 'Leadsmithy Street'.

First published on Facebook on 19th May 2011. 

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    • Bernice Walmsley Thanks Dave - this is fascinating for me (an 'incomer' of only 12 years residence in this great town) - I peer and peer at your photos, following your comments to figure out just where these places are now.

      Geraldine Williams  Haha! Yes, just about the second post from the right please.....

      Dave Roberts That waste ground is now, of course, home to the highly popular Factory Shop

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  1. I did not realise that Chris Earl has a place on Kinderton Street. My mum and dad had a house built for them by Chris Earl at 27 Long Lane back in 1962. It is the dark brown brick detached house by the side of the canal. In those days, the bridge over the canal on Long Lane was the old arched bridge with a rough road surface. We moved from Manchester to that house on Long Lane and I ended up marrying a local Middlewich girl Josie Paxton in 1965. Sadly, Josie died from lung cancer in 2010.

  2. Thanks Bill. We've got more on Earl's coming up soon, courtesy of Frank SMith and Bill Eaton


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