Thursday 7 July 2011


Middlewich Railway Station as it was in 1968, one year after closure of the freight facilities, eight years after the cessation of the passenger services and 101 years after it opened in the first place. The signal box and the mechanical signalling are still in place (and would be until 1980). Strange to relate, this old fashioned signalling system didn't require nearly so much paraphernalia as the modern state-of-the-art system installed on the line a few years ago. The fact that the water tower on the up (Northwich) platform, next to the starting signal, is still in position is testimony to the fact that steam traction on the railway network had only recently ended. The North West was the last area to see regular steam haulage, and the 'last ever steam train' ran in August of this year (of course, it turned out to be nothing of the sort, but we didn't know that at the time). This photo was taken  before the station yard was taken over by Martin's Coaches in the very early 1970s. Middlewich's new station is likely to be on a new site south of the Holmes Chapel Road bridge.


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  1. Fascinating and, very interesting, obviously great news if it were to happen the new station in Middlewich, it has my full support but, in very simple terms ie street names and c can someone please tell me exactly where the old Middlewich station used to be, Im not a native, however I do have vague knowledge of the area. Many Thanks David F


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